Now More Than Ever, Pricing Your Pittsburgh Home Matters!

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A shift in the real estate market will make pricing your Pittsburgh home correctly even more critical. If you have watched the news recently, you have most likely heard that the market is slowing down. With the possibility of a recession looming, everyone is being more cautious. But, people will still need to buy and sell homes. The market isn’t … Read More

Are You Ready To Downsize Your Pittsburgh Home?

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The decision to downsize your Pittsburgh home can come anytime. Many choose to downsize after their children have left home. The popularity of simplifying can also be a factor in downsizing. Whether your house is too big, too costly, or too difficult for you to maneuver, downsizing will be an adjustment.  If you are unsure whether you should downsize, start … Read More

Is Pittsburgh Homeownership Right For You?

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If you consider Pittsburgh Homeownership, you may wonder if now is the right time for you. There are some reasons that renting may be a better option for a few, but there are many more benefits to owning a home. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Pittsburgh homeownership: Financial Benefits A home purchase is one of … Read More

10 Tips To Help You Save On Staging Your Pittsburgh Home

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Even in a hot real estate market, it is essential to spend time staging your Pittsburgh home. Sellers who have taken the time to stage their homes have realized a quicker sale, multiple offers, and oftentimes sales prices above the asking price.  There is a psychology to home staging that allows homebuyers to picture themselves living in the home. Decluttering, … Read More

5 Ground Rules For Home Buying Success In The Pittsburgh Real Estate Market

Home buying success is more than just finding the right home but also navigating the process smoothly.   There are few purchases in life that carry the financial and psychological weight of buying a home. Whether you are buying your first home, moving up to your dream home, or downsizing,  it is important to understand the ground rules for success in the … Read More

Three Reasons Why Now Is The Right Time To Buy Your Pittsburgh Home!

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Listen carefully to your trusted real estate agent’s advice; NOW is the right time to buy your Pittsburgh home! It is no secret we have been in one of the most unprecedented real estate markets Pittsburgh has experienced. Houses are selling fast, and buyers have had to compete with multiple offers. It can be difficult and frustrating, but I believe … Read More

Understanding Earnest Money In The Pittsburgh Real Estate Market

Earnest Money for Pittsburgh Real Estate Market

Earnest or hand money is part of a sales agreement in the Pittsburgh Real Estate Market. Understanding its purpose and handling is sometimes confusing. When a seller receives an offer on a Pittsburgh home, the sales agreement has a section regarding the initial deposit.  This amount is what your real estate agent may refer to as earnest money or hand … Read More

Don’t Overlook These Red Flags During Your Pittsburgh Home Search

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Starting your Pittsburgh home search is an exciting time. You can imagine yourself comfortably settled in your new home. The home is in the right neighborhood with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you wanted. You have mentally placed your furniture in each and every room of the house. And, yes, you should be excited. Purchasing a home is one … Read More

5 Pittsburgh Homeownership Misunderstandings

Pittsburgh homeownership questions

I have answered many questions about Pittsburgh homeownership in my real estate career. Unfortunately, some of the same misunderstandings come up in conversations with my buyers and sellers. Let’ talk about some of these misunderstandings. You only need a down payment to purchase a home. The down payment is not the only expense of buying a home. You will need … Read More

It’s Time For Pittsburgh Homeowners To Transform Their Outdoor Space!

Many Pittsburgh homeowners’ thoughts move from snuggling indoors to relaxing outdoors as spring unfolds in our area. Many of us can not wait to enjoy summer from the comfort of our backyard.  Updating your outdoor space may even add value to your home. You can recoup up to 77% of the cost of a new deck addition or restoration of … Read More