Don’t Overlook These Red Flags During Your Pittsburgh Home Search

magnifying class held up to home exterior

Starting your Pittsburgh home search is an exciting time. You can imagine yourself comfortably settled in your new home. The home is in the right neighborhood with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you wanted. You have mentally placed your furniture in each and every room of the house. And, yes, you should be excited.

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments you will make. It is important to protect your investment by watching for red flags along the way to ensure you are investing wisely.

The demand for houses has been high in the Pittsburgh area.

It is tempting to overlook some issues when your desire to own the home is at its peak. I frequently hear a buyer say, “we can take care of that after closing.”

Before you dismiss a red flag, be sure you know what is involved in the correction of the issue. It may seem easy to remedy but in actuality, it could end up costing far more than expected. 

Not only can red flags pop up in the home, but they can also be found in the yard or even the neighborhood. Familiarize yourself with the area to learn what is happening in the community as an essential step in your Pittsburgh home search.

Potential red flags in the home will most likely be found through a home inspection unless they are glaringly obvious.

Some things to pay attention to as you walk through the house:

  1. Doors that won’t properly close.
  2. Mold-whether you see it or smell it.
  3. Water stains may indicate a leak or roof issue.
  4. Sloping floors can relate to potential foundation issues.
  5. Sagging ceilings can be the result of roof leaks or structural issues.
  6. Active pest infestations.
  7. Incomplete disclosures should be questioned.

Outside the home some other red flags may be:

  1. Lack of ventilation under roof eaves and exhaust vents.
  2. Condition of the roof.
  3. Improper drainage in the yard causing standing water.
  4. Foundation cracks.

You can find some red flags even before you visit the home through the marketing:

  1. Property descriptions like as-is condition, needs TLC, or a fixer-upper.
  2. If the home has been on the market for an extended period.
  3. When the house is priced below other homes.
  4. No interior pictures online.

The final place to look for red flags is in the neighborhood and municipality:

  1. Are there a large number of homes for sale?
  2. Does the advertising mention it is an “up and coming” neighborhood?
  3. What economic factors are affecting the area? has a good article on how to research a neighborhood before you buy that may interest you.

Having the awareness of what could be a potential red flag will allow you to begin your Pittsburgh home search with confidence.

You should also have a team of professionals who are experienced to help you along the way. Your real estate agent, home inspector, lender, and title company will work with you to make a wise investment. You can read more about the role of each of these team players in this previous blog post.

I have had the privilege of working with many real estate clients in the 18 years I have been selling homes in Pittsburgh. Having an experienced advisor by your side during a home purchase can save you aggravation and money.

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