It’s Time For Pittsburgh Homeowners To Transform Their Outdoor Space!

Pittsburgh Homeowners patio
Impressive backyard landscape design. Cozy patio area with settees and table

Many Pittsburgh homeowners’ thoughts move from snuggling indoors to relaxing outdoors as spring unfolds in our area. Many of us can not wait to enjoy summer from the comfort of our backyard. 

Updating your outdoor space may even add value to your home. You can recoup up to 77% of the cost of a new deck addition or restoration of an existing deck. Check out Remodeling’s Cost Vs. Value chart here for more information.

You can create some great outdoor areas whether you have a large or small space. With creativity and planning, you can create a personal oasis to enjoy all summer long.

Here are some tips:

Enhance Your View

If you have a fantastic view, make the most of it. Careful planning of your landscaping can prevent future growth from impeding your view. A small tree planted now can become a large tree that obstructs your view quicker than you can imagine. If your view is less than appealing, plan for fencing and landscaping to create a more pleasant backdrop.

New Landscaping

Tired old landscaping can become an eyesore. Be sure to prune, separate, and eliminate plantings as needed throughout your yard. You may want to add some new planting beds to create interest. Be careful when selecting plants to ensure they are weather and animal resistant for your area.

Create Privacy

Even if you have the best neighbors, you will appreciate privacy when you need just to sit and unwind in nature. Create privacy with landscaping, fencing, arbors, etc. 

Add Shade

You can add shade throughout your yard with permanent or temporary structures. Roofing over a patio, pergola over a seating area, or an umbrella in the yard are all ways to provide a place to relax and get out of the direct sunlight.

Firepits and Fireplaces

Patio fireplaces can be wood-burning or gas. Be sure the installation meets all fire codes. A firepit located a distance from any structures also provides a fun place for making s’mores and memories. Be sure to check with your municipality for recreational fire ordinances before undertaking this type of project.

Water Features

Pools, ponds, or water fountains can be therapeutic. The sound of water flowing through a fountain can be so relaxing. You can add a water feature, whether large or small, to meet whatever budget you have.

Comfortable Furnishings

Creating comfortable seating groups throughout your backyard oasis will entice you to spend more time outdoors. Select furniture that is comfortable for relaxing. An outdoor sectional can provide plenty of space for entertaining and an excellent place for a summer afternoon nap.

With many Pittsburgh homeowners still working from home, the outdoor living space provides a nice escape from the home office to unwind. It also is a great space to entertain friends and family throughout the summer months.

Inventory what you already have, and start planning your ideal spaces with what you can reuse. Purge any old, broken, or unused items to make room for new and inviting spaces that work within your budget.

Be sure to check with your municipality for any necessary building permits that you may need before installing fencing, patios/decks, or outdoor structures. 

While you are making your outdoor updates, don’t forget your home summer maintenance. Here is a previous blog post that may help.

If you have questions on how specific improvements could affect your resale down the road, I’d be happy to speak with you. In my 17 years of experience, I have learned a lot about what appeals to buyers.

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