Not Business As Usual In The Pittsburgh Real Estate Market!

The past several weeks have been tough on so many industries and Pittsburgh Real Estate has been no exception. The stay at home order in Pennsylvania has postponed our usually busy spring market.

I do not think it has been all doom and gloom.

I have seen a lot of people involved in the real estate industry use their creativity to help sellers and buyers reach their real estate goals even through this tough time. We may have even improved some of the ways we can service our clients.

We sure have been doing business differently!

If you are not aware, real estate sales along with some other related professions were classified as a non-essential business here in Pennsylvania. Real estate agents could not conduct business outside of their home even though lenders and closing companies could still operate albeit with some restrictions.

The first step was to get the homes that were under contract and ready to close to the closing table.

Well, it became the closing parking lot for most. Closings usually are conducted in a real estate office, but since they were closed a new solution had to be found. Closings have been held either at the property, usually outside or in the parking lot of the closing company. An unconventional solution, but buyers and sellers were able to complete the transaction.

Getting buyers to see the available homes for sale has been another challenge.

The use of creative thinking and some technology has helped. Agents are holding virtual open houses with the help of the homeowners who provide a video walkthrough. This allows the house to be seen during a time when agents cannot be there in person.

The use of technology to problem solve has been inspiring.

We are experiencing an unprecedented time, no doubt. I have heard some say they feel more connected now than ever before. The use of video conferencing and other technologies has allowed children to continue to learn, employees to continue to work, and families to celebrate special occasions together or just stay in touch.

I am choosing to look for the positive.

This has not been an experience I would ever want to see repeated. I have done what I can to help my clients during this crisis and cared for my family. As we begin to emerge from the stay at home order, I hope we emerge with a refreshed approach to our lives.

I will be prepared to serve my clients as we can get back to business.

I have learned some new ways to enhance and improve my services that will allow me to continue doing the best job possible for my clients. I am eager to get back to working with my clients.

There are many predictions on how our real estate market will be affected.

Only time will tell which predictions are correct. I have a feeling we are going to be fine here in Pittsburgh. We have a stable real estate market, clients who have postponed their plans to buy and sell, and professional real estate agents who are ready to get back to work.

If you are making plans to buy or sell a home, I offer a free consultation. Let us schedule time to talk whether on the phone or a video chat. I am ready to answer your questions and help you plan your next move. Contact me by phone at 412-848-3907 or email at Until we can meet in person, stay safe.