Preparing Your Home for Sale in the Pittsburgh Real Estate Market

Real estate sales remain strong here in Pittsburgh. If you are waiting to sell your home this spring, now is the time to get prepared. I receive a lot of questions from sellers who are unsure of where to begin. Below are the most common recommendations I often provide to my home sellers.

  1. Declutter– Start by clearing all your spaces. Closets, cabinets and storage areas need to look spacious, so the buyers don’t feel that there isn’t enough room for all their things. Clearing counters and bookshelves helps the buyer visualize their things in those spaces. I am sure by now you have heard about the Konmari method of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Identify the items in your home that don’t bring you joy, and don’t move them to your new home.
  2. Clean – Cleaning every nook and cranny is incredibly important when preparing your home for sale. Think spring cleaning on steroids! Buyers are more comfortable making buying decisions when they feel that the home was well cared for and they can move right in.
  3. Paint– You may love bold bright colors, but not everyone does. Choose neutrals that will appeal to a broad range of individuals. You can add your favorite colors with accessories. Check out this website for some color advice from home stagger, Debi Collinson.
  4. Eliminate odors – Nothing turns a buyer off quicker than odors. If you have pets or smoke in the home be careful to properly deodorize the home. You will want to clean carpets, wash walls and deodorize furniture if necessary. If your basement is musty, you will want to find the cause and address it before putting your home on the market.
  5. Refresh the entrance– Your front porch is one of the first impressions a buyer will have of your home. Be sure to repaint if necessary. Eliminate cobwebs and debris that have accumulated on the porch. Add some accessories and seasonal flowers for a welcoming feel.
  6. Create curb appeal– Winter takes a toll on our yards. Be sure to clean up lingering leaves and any branches that fell through the winter. Clear any plants that died over the winter and add some fresh mulch for a fresh look.
  7. Complete repairs– It is very important that you do not put off any repairs you need to make. If they are not evident when the buyer walks through the home, it will come up in the home inspection. The buyer will want it repaired or ask for a credit which may cost you more than a quick repair before putting it on the market. You may also want to consider having a pre-inspection completed before listing your home. A home inspector will go through the home just like they would for a buyer. Any issues identified in the pre-inspection can be repaired prior to listing or disclosed that you will not be making the repairs. The buyer may still hire their own home inspector. However, you will have a good idea of any major concerns that could arise.

Proper planning and preparation will make your home appealing to the buyers who come through. You may even end up with multiple offers putting you in a position to make the most on the sale of your home.

I would be happy to walk through your home and help you identify any items that should be taken care of prior to selling your home & which improvements will most beneficial. The Spring Market is right around the corner. Contact me by phone at 412-848-3907 or email at I am always happy to speak with you!