Preparing Your Home for Fall

person holding large orange leaf

Fall is a great time to do some work on the outside of your home before the days become shorter and the temperatures drop. Once you complete some basic chores outside you can relax during the winter months without worry.

Some items you should address around the home are:

  1. Plantings– do a final weeding, remove any annual plants and cut back any perennials you have throughout your yard.
  2. Trees and shrubs– trim back any trees and shrubs, especially those that may be touching the house or windows. Trim the dead branches out for a healthier plant in the spring and to avoid falling limbs during a winter storm.
  3. Exterior repairs– take a walk around the outside of your home and note any maintenance issues that should be addressed. Seal any gaps that could be an entryway for critters, insects or drafts in the cold winter months. Look at the roof, siding and foundation and schedule any repairs before winter.
  4. Leaves– be sure to rake the leaves so they are not covering your lawn and potentially inhibit its growth in the spring. Check with your municipality for a leaf collection schedule.
  5. Faucets– be sure to shut off any exterior faucets to prevent freezing and protect the pipes. Store the hoses indoors during the winter.
  6. Chimney– Make sure your chimney is cleaned and maintained. Also, have a chimney cap installed if you do not have one to prevent animals from entering the chimney.
  7. Stairs and Walkways– Check to be sure the stairs and walkways are in good repair before they are covered in ice or snow. Some defects may create difficulty when trying to clear them or a hazard for you or your guests.
  8. Gutters– be sure your gutters are clean and free of leaves and debris to prevent ice buildup and problems with ice melt drainage.
  9. Door and Windows– check caulking and make any repairs where you see signs of deterioration.
  10. Outdoor furniture and toys– bring the things indoors that you have room to store. Anything you need to leave outside should be covered and secured.

Take the time while the weather is still warm to address the exterior of your home.

You will be happy you spent the day or two when the cold weather hits and you do not have to spend the day outside correcting any issues.

There are many indoor maintenance items that should be taken care of also. Be sure to have your furnace cleaned and checked and check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and replacing their batteries.

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