The Best Story

“My husband Adam and I recently had the privilege of working with Kim Henderson when selling our old home and buying our new one.  We can’t recommend Kim enough.  She is very reliable, kind, easy to talk to, and very dedicated to helping you get exactly what you want.

The house we recently sold was the first home we ever purchased so we had no experience in the selling process and were very nervous about selling and buying at the same time.  We did not want to be carrying two mortgages at the same time, so we wanted to sell our old house first and then purchase a new one.  We were hopeful that we would find a new one relatively soon, but did not want to rush into making a purchase just because of a time crunch.  We planned on our next house being our long term home and we would have rather had to rent an apartment for a period of time than to buy something we didn’t love.  Kim totally understood and got right to work helping us get our house ready to put on the market.  At our first meeting she walked around the house with us, took down detailed notes about the property, and asked a lot of questions about renovations and upgrades that we had made. We were very impressed with the things she noticed about our house that other realtors we had interviewed had overlooked.  She used those notes to look at comparables in the area and met with us again to go over the comparables and help us decide on an asking price.  We were very pleased to see the way she looked for comparables, because all of the other agents we met with came to our house already having comparables and a selling price without seeing our house or having any idea of upgrades we had made or any of the features of our house.  Kim made note of all of those and used them when figuring out how to price.  She also made some recommendations on things to do before selling the house like painting certain rooms and our front door and even suggested colors she thought would be the most pleasing to the most people.  She also made helpful suggestions on how to stage the house for photos and viewings.

We ended up pricing a little higher than we expected to get with the thought that we would lower our price if we did not get any offers in the first week or two.  She listed our house the night of Aug 12.  We had a viewing the night of Aug 13 and an offer in at 5am on Aug 14.  We couldn’t believe it!  I know that without Kim’s help and expertise we would not have sold so quickly or for the price we got on the house.  The buyers offered less than we listed for and Kim helped us to counter and we ended up being at about where we expected & wanted to sell the house at originally.  We really appreciated all of Kim’s advice and knowledge when it came to what we should counter with and how to go about the negotiation process.  Because of the care and thought that Kim put into figuring out what we should ask for the house, we ended up getting between $5,000-10,000 more on the house (even after negotiations) than what the other agents we interviewed had recommended that we put the house on the market for.

Kim was great at keeping us updated, on track, and sane during the entire process.  I am the first to admit that I stress out way too much over everything and Kim really helped to make this process move along smoothly.

As far as the purchase of our new home, Kim was great at getting us out to see houses as soon as she could.  There were a number of times where I asked her about a listing in the morning and we were out to see it in the afternoon.  With the way the market is now and how some houses don’t stay on for very long, that was very advantageous.  When we found the listing for the house we ended up purchasing, she moved around her schedule so that we could see it right away because she could tell how interested in it we were.  She even rescheduled things so that my husband’s parents could come out and take a look at it that same day before we put in an offer.  She helped us come up with our offering price and stayed up late working on our offer so that we could get it in right away because there were other potential buyers that had shown interest in the property.  They accepted our offer and we were able to schedule the closing on our new home 1 week after the closing on our old home.  We were able to stay with family that week, so it ended up working out very well.

I really can’t recommend Kim enough.  She is completely dedicated.  She is not one of those agents who is only doing this as a part time job or who views it as a 9-5 type of job.  She was always available whether it be through email, texts, or calls in the morning, night, and weekends.  She was extremely helpful during every stage of the process and she even had recommendations for different contractors for things that we wanted to upgrade/repair on our new house.  We absolutely love our new home and are so happy with the way things turned out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We really appreciate everything Kim did for us and would love to let you know more about our experience.

— April Ames & Adam Best