Selling Your Home During the Holidays!


By Kim Henderson

The holidays are upon us and 2017 is quickly coming to a close. I feel as if this year has just flown by. It has been a great year. The Pittsburgh real estate market has been fantastic.

I have been asked many times if this is a bad time to sell a home. In my experience as a seasoned real estate professional, I don’t feel there is ever a bad time to sell a home. During the holidays, you may not get as many buyers through the door but the buyers that do come are very serious about buying a home.

I would encourage sellers to move forward with their plans to sell for several reasons.

  • The competition from other sellers is lower during this time of year because sellers believe it is a hard time to sell a house.

  • Internet searches are known to increase during the holidays.

  • Our society has become more mobile with people constantly moving for many reasons. Our local statistics show that houses do sell in December.

Here are some tips to help you sell your home during the holidays.

  • Decorate – Homes look so beautiful during the holiday season. Don’t go overboard, but a tastefully decorated home will appeal to everyone.

  • Curb Appeal – Don’t forget about curb appeal because it is winter. Touch up paint, clean the gutters and spruce up the yard.

  • Clear snow and ice – For safety’s sake, keep the walkways clear of snow and ice. And don’t forget about the backyard. Buyers will want to check out the backyard too!

  • Create a cozy atmosphere – Keep the house warm and toasty, play some soft music and offer some homemade holiday treats. Making the buyers feel at home may create a good return on your dollar when their offer comes in.

  • Eliminate stress – There is so much activity during the holidays, give yourself a break this year by simplifying your celebrations while you are also trying to sell your home.

  • Be flexible – try to keep your schedule open so that you don’t have to turn away buyers who want to see your home. Remember that buyers who want to look this time of year are usually very serious buyers.

  • Hire a reputable agent – be sure to interview more than one agent. You don’t want an agent who will disappear over the holidays. Ask for testimonials from past clients.

Selling a home is a team effort. An experienced real estate agent has the expertise to market and highlight the important features of your home. A consultation with the right agent will give you the knowledge and a plan of action to get your home on the market, get the right buyers through the door, and provide a comfort level for you­­­­ through the process.

I will be working hard as usual through the holiday season and would be happy to set up a consultation with you. Contact me by phone at 412-848-3907 or email at I look forward to hearing from you!